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The Bridal Bouquet, Plumeria pudica 'Bridal Bouquet' Frangipani, is a very fast growing tree, as the name suggest, the canopy of the plant is constantly flowering white flowers all year round, with the exception of winter months, it can reach 8-10 feet high, place it in full sun to partial shade and water regularly, you'll be rewarded with year-round beauty. Unlike other plumerias, the Bridal Bouquet does not have a recognizable fragrance, nor is it plagued by insect or fungal infections common to other varieties.

• We believe in the power of plants to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air.
• Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.
• Reduce stress and Fatigue by simply enjoying and caring for your plants.
• Add life to a given space, Plants are therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist.

• Repotting and Fertilizing, Wait 4 weeks before repotting, allow the plant to settle in and acclimate to its new environment, Plants shipped by mail are in complete darkness for several days, it can be a stressful journey, When time to replant to a larger pot use a well draining potting mix and a container 2-3 inches wider than the current one. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer during Spring to Fall base on label instructions. 
• If Planting in the ground dig a hole twice as large than the pot you purchased, Remove the tree from the grower pot, you may cut off the plastic pot if needed. Drop the plant level to the soil, Water the tree as you back fill soil to remove air pockets. Cover the new soil with mulch to retain moisture and keep weeds away.
Light: Full Sun, Bright Light
• Watering, allow the top inch of Soil to dry out, may take 3-4 days, water slowly to allow the soil to moist evenly.
• Humidity, most Tropical plants can benefit from regular moisture, a humidifier or regular misting is recommended.

Plumeria (Frangipani)


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